Our Mission

Nym’s Northwest Macrame is dedicated to the highest quality of handmade functional art pieces delivered with creativity and innovation.



My name is Sierra, and I am the designer/owner of Nym's Northwest Macrame. I am a local artist in Yelm, Washington, who has been practicing macrame for over three years. I have continually evolved my business with new designs to encourage the resurgence of an ancient art, and strive to elevate traditional macramé to a new level.

Nym's Northwest provides our customers with quality accessories, home garden & décor products that are both functional and artistic with an emphasis on Pacific Northwest aesthetics. I work hard to bring an organic, chic feel to my local business and products by hand crafting each piece of art with an exceptional level of dedication and detail. With such a unique selection, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

My online assortment never falls short of style or affordability. Browse through bohemian décor pieces, find unique gifts, or simply look around for inspiration here at Nym's Northwest. 

Sometimes things aren't listed on my website, but I would love to create for you! If there is a specific design you have in mind or idea you would like me to make, please send me an email!